Broccoli Stems – there has to be a solution

Last night I made the most amazing Broccoli Stem Pesto, so good I felt I had to actually write about it. Not because of how good it was, but that fact that it is made with Broccoli stems, not a floret in site. For those who follow me, in any manner, you are well aware that waste is something I strive to avoid.  And right up there is Broccoli Stems.  It is just one of those things that when you have cooked the rest of the broccoli, you look at and go… And?!?!?

Back in the autumn I had a little surplus of broccoli and consequently the stems. And although the rabbits, it turns out, love broccoli stems, it still made me think – what all can I do with these, besides feed to the rabbits?

And an addendum to that thought – it was interesting to note that the rabbits loved our garden grown broccoli, absolutely one of their favourite foods, but when I fed them broccoli from the supermarket they turned their noses up at it. As they have an acute sense of smell, it makes you wonder what was done to it in the process of farm to my table?

Anyway, I digress… I had a good search and root around for recipes specific to broccoli stems and found some quite delicious recipes (and makes the broccoli go twice as far in consequence). My all time favourite, and now a staple of our household, is Broccoli Stem Pesto.  I found the recipe on the Table Spotting Blog.

The recipe calls for walnuts (nicely less expensive than pine nuts), but I have made this with various other nuts that are to hand. The other ingredients are pleasantly basic; 1 clove of garlic (and even so this ends up being quite a garlicy dish, yum!), lemon juice, olive oil and of course broccoli stems. Whoosh in a mixer, or if you are like me who didn’t have one for the longest time, you can do by hand, just cut everything as small as you can.

I sometimes add some sautéed chicken, but it also is delicious as is. Mix it in with some pasta (I use gluten free pasta myself) and voilà a wonderfully easy, fresh tasting pesto dish.

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