Making a Hanging Garden Bed

I admit it wholeheartedly, I am in love with pallets. They are right up there with shipping containers in versatility ~ but maybe, just slightly, more transportable and easier to work with. So, when I came across a picture on Pinterest for a hanging garden bed made from pallets, I fell in love. It went top of the project list

Now a hanging pallet bed is actually quite easy to make. It’s finding the trees to hang it from that is the tricky bit.  It took us longer to determine where to hang it, than actually making it.

What you need is simply: 2 pallets, 2 or 3 2×4 pieces of wood, some good strong rope and some screws.  We’re lucky in that we have both a local hardware shop and a recycling centre nearby that let us have pallets for free. The world, therefore, is our oyster on the pallet project front.

We found 2 matching pallets, put them end to end so the cross supports were going in the same direction, then slid a 2×4 though the slats each side, screwing it in to place.  We added a 3rd 2×4 in the middle for good measure.  The rope was wound under and around an end and then attached to a carabiner before continuing up to be tied to a large tree branch.

We didn’t hang it too high, only about a foot (20cm) or so off the ground, for easy access of getting on it. It does swing a little, particularly end to end, rather than side to side, so having it lower meant it was easier to actually manage this. Once settled, there’s little movement and it simply relaxes you to lie there.

The relaxation itself is in the details. We strung a line across the top between the branches to hang a bug net so naps could be taken in peace, without being ‘bugged’. (Sorry, had to be said). A single mattress was given a waterproof mattress protector, to protect from rain, and then a fitted sheet over the top. An old quilt and lots of pillows made up the rest.

We put a waterproof box down by the bed for storing the pillows and quilt in when not in use, and a waterproof tarp for throwing over the bed in general each night to keep off the nights dew or the odd rain shower.

The original plans were found initially on The Merry Thought. If you would like detailed images and instructions, do check out their page.

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