What’s In Store – From Us To You

We have been travelling the world for the last few years, making wine. In 2014, we took a leap, to follow our dream and make our own wine in France. To assist in supporting this dream, and with true entrepreneurial spirit, we are also putting our creative juices (or should that be wine?) to the fore in making a variety of additional items, crafted from the world around us, to sell in our shop Pumpjack & Piddlewick.

I (aka Piddlewick) have always loved to make things for people and it has always been a Dream of mine to hand craft items to sell in my own shop. I finally stopped talking about it and took the plunge in November (2014) by developing my creative interests into gifts and opening a store on Etsy.

The things I make tend to be inspired by my biggest passions; old fashioned letter writing and real food cooking, with a side order of upcycling. So with each of the items I make, I like to incorporate some element of these, whether it is making a unique card with a dash of humour to a tincture that will help you relax, but in all cases I try to enclose a re-usable envelope, upcycled from some lovely paper medium I have found, in my desire to support the art of letter writing.

We don’t believe in reigning in creativity, so much so that every thing we look at, particularly anything we may consider throwing away, always gets a look at with the consideration ‘can it be turned into something, either for ourselves or for the shop?’ The garden is a prime source for inspiration, with its varied herbs, nuts and flowers, whilst the animals give us laughter, making us take the time to sit and enjoy their antics – and often inspiring a new idea in the process.

All our efforts combine to support a homesteading lifestyle, a mad scientist Oenologist and hand crafting red head, who are the team of Pumpjack & PIddlewick. We hope you will join and support us in our Dream adventure.


We like to update our What’s In Store Page with what we have been making for the shop in general. As most of out items are one-of-a-kind, please visit Our Shop to see the specific cards and whatnots that are available. Here’s a taste of a few items that may be found in our shop:

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