The compost is calling… “fork me, mulch me, throw me around”

The sun is finally deigning to show its face and its almost warm. Spring is definitely late this year, at least in terms of things coming up and going in in the garden.  I’m a little behind in my getting the soil ready for planting, I think, but since I know diddley about gardening, I leave it to my common senses to determine what to do when and just see what happens.

I’ve been thinking about asparagus. This time last year it was definitely making itself known, but this year we were all being lazy about coming out into the cold. I had spent the last week making sure their bed was weed free, but hadn’t seen a sign of them. Another check yesterday though revealed a few had started to poke their heads above the soil to enjoy some sun. I figured it might be  helpful to give them a bit of a boost, an energy drink if you like.

We’ve been building a nice compost since this time last year, so I assumed it was cured enough and ready.  It looked a lovely chocolaty brown anyway. I duly loaded up the ‘voiturette’ (cart) with a mound and carted it to the asparagus. And there found the chickens, ready to help.

I started by loosening the soil around the asparagus crowns. As I worked my way down the row, the chickens followed, assisting me by digging and scratching their way along as well.  I then started spreading the compost along the top of the asparagus row. Again, they fell in behind helping to mulch it in to the loosened soil, chatting away with great glee as they worked their way down the row, and chortling over the odd grub that came to light.

The ducks decided the chickens were having simply too much fun so had to come and join in. They quacked there way around the perimeter, never quite adventuring to get their flippers muddy, but giving lots of good advice.

That had to be some of the best few hours of gardening I have ever spent.

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