Garden prepared – so where the $%;# is Spring?

Winter is the time to prepare the garden, getting it ready for spring and planting things. This winter has dragged itself out mightily, giving us teasing glimpses now and then of spring to come, the odd dash of sunshine, the hint of warmth in the day, raising our hopes up only to find the next day dawn cold and wet.

I can only tell spring is actually on its way by the hardy flowers that have been making heir way slowly out, one by one showing their bright and sunny, generally yellow (or purple) faces. But everything is definitely slower to emerge, so I am using this as a basis to time my work in our veg garden, taking it as a sign not to be too hasty in planting anything there just yet.

In the meantime, I have had plenty of time to get it ready. Beds have been cleared of old plants and weeds (okay I still have the vineyard to do, just waiting for a dry day), berry bushes have been pruned and generally everything given a spruce up. Compost is slowly being added to the  raised beds and new soil will be added this next week.  Seeds are at the ready, seedlings are making themselves known, and my vegetable garden planner has been checked and a plan formulated for planting.

Now we just need spring.

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