A Day in the Life of our Maggie

Our little rescued Maggie duckling has quite the Cute Factor. She is growing every day, growing into her feet – finally. She is doing really well now and becoming quite the character (she is currently sat on my stomach overseeing the telling of her story.

We took little snippets of video to document her progress and the struggles she went through to live, from premature birth, and club foot, to learning how to adapt to a human life. They aren’t great quality, as often taken one handed whilst the other was helping Maggie, but they give a good sense of what she had to go through.

Pumpjack & Piddlewick on You Tube: Maggie’s Story

We hope you enjoy.

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of our Maggie

    • Piddlewick says:

      She’s growing so fast! Every morning its curious to see how much she has grown. Today it was her feet. She is so full of energy now, quite the handful, but such wonderful character and no fear. Yesterday she got curious about the chickens. They were rather non-plussed about her, but generally ignored her.


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