What’s to like about Menopause? I’m no longer allergic to cats.

What’s to like about Menopause? Honestly? Not a cotton picking thing. Well… there is one thing. I am no longer allergic to cats. My allergy to cats has been something I have had to contend with all my life, and, since I absolutely adore the little fur balls, I have simply learned not to put my face in, or even near, their fur. But all that has changed. – Read On>

Our Duckling plays like a Cat

We have a duckling, Maggie, and a kitten, Gigi, who live, more or less, in harmony together. Except for the occasional playful pounce, much to the disgust of our Maggie.  We have a sort of routine going. Gigi has learned that if she wakes me at dawn she has me all to herself as Maggie sleeps until it is a bit lighter. Gigi and I play, snuggle, pet and purr for about an hour, before I get up to feed her and then let her out and go down to let the other animals out (rabbits, chickens and ducks).

When I get back, it’s Maggie’s turn, and she is usually ready to let me know this when she hears me open the door. I get back in bed with my coffee and book, and Maggie. She loves to run around on the bed, playing with her various toys. Her current favourites are votive candles in glass jars. She takes them out and puts them back, making a very satisfying noise. Sometimes her attention is diverted by some bubble wrap, my kindle or even my hair, but mostly she likes to play with the candles – they make more noise. – Read On>

Nuts about Hazelnuts

I am nuts about nuts. I love to eat them, but even more so I love to cook with them ~ then eat them. Given the chance, I could spend on nuts what others spend at a coffee shop, easily and regularly. I can’t decide if walnuts or hazelnuts are my favourite*, so when we discovered last autumn that we have both in the garden I felt like a kid in a sweet shop with the biggest smile on my face. Read On

Spring in the Vineyard – The Darling Buds of April and May

If you’ve read any of my other posts about our vineyard, you’ll be coming to realise that a vineyard’s work is never done.  Each season brings a different requirement. Obviously harvest in autumn, but then there is pruning in winter and come spring, de-budding.  But what is ‘de-budding’? Continue reading