Downsizing – How or Where to Start? Open your Refrigerator

I love downsizing. I love going through my things and getting rid of any thing I can. There is something so very therapeutic about it, like a weight cast off your shoulders. Some of the items I give away, some I sell. It depends on the item. But where do you start if you have never downsized before? Continue reading

Downsizing, Giving it all up, Changing your Life… Is it very hard to do?

I’ve ‘given it all up’ in my life, not once, but twice.  By choice. The first time I gave up everything was to travel the world by bicycle.  When I met people they would inevitably ask, “What’s the hardest thing you have had to do?” The answer was always ~ to go.

This answer remains fundamental, whether changing your life style, downsizing or, as in our case, Following our Dream. Giving up the life you know, the life you are comfortable with, is the hardest step to pursuing change. Continue reading

How much Time and Diapering does a pet Duck need?

One of my favourite and the most amazingly helpful websites is Backyard Chickens.  This has been my go to site for any questions about our chickens or ducks. And on the flip side, I try to help those who have, or more importantly are thinking of having, a Pet Duck. Recently I was asked how much time I spend with Maggie, as well as whether I diaper her (yes there are such a thing as Duck Diapers*). My short answer turned long, as it varies greatly, and so I thought it worth  adding as a post here.

Maggie grew up in our cottage, so is quite at home there, and it is where she sleeps at night. (Yes, in the house with us.) She wanders at will, even flying up on to the sofa.  Now, ducks are messy creatures. They are like dogs when it comes to eating their food, that is with great gusto, and slurping up their water, let alone bathing in it. There’s lots of wing flapping, feather fluffing and the odd moult. (Something we are going trough right now and I am finding feathers everywhere!)  They also can’t control their bowels. They have no sphincter, so when they have to go, they have to go. This is what puts most people off having a duck, or chicken, as a pet. Continue reading