You can have only 2 kitchen utensils. Which do you choose?

I was cooking last night and it occurred to me (not sure why) that I use two particular utensils much, much more than others. This then had me thinking, in a general train of thought, if I was going to be washed up on a dessert island and could only have 2 utensils, which ones would they be?

The obvious one is the knife. Generally always needed and most utilised in the kitchen. One, well, cuts with it. Mince, dice, sliver, chops… a good knife does all these things. And I also use the side of the blade to crush, such as garlic.

I have a vintage Henkel steel knife that is my go to knife for everything cutting. It was Pumpjack’s birthday present to me a couple years ago, that has now started a birthday tradition. (And for those who subscribe to the concept that you should never give a knife as a gift, like Pumpjack, I did give him a penny for it just to be on the safe side as I did so want a knife.)

And why is it my go to, take to a dessert island, knife? It’s carbon steel, as opposed to stainless steel. It rusts, hence why knives these days are not made out of it, but it also is very very easy to sharpen. And a sharp knife is beauteous thing to work with in the kitchen.

So the easy choice is the knife, but what of the other choice? I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. Again, no idea why, as I have no intent to be marooned on a dessert island in the foreseeable future with two implements. I think it is more about minimalist living. I believe in homesteading, self sufficiency and old stuff. Combine these… and I come up with why I can only chose 2 utensils. (Well, the thought process worked for me.)

So, the other utensil I decided would be tongs. Yup, tongs. Not a spoon, I can use the tongs to stir. Not a fork, I can use the tongs to grab. Okay maybe whisk action would be pretty tricky, but I generally find myself using my tongs when the knife doesn’t, well, cut it. (Sorry, I just had to say it.)

What would your two be?

Knife and Tongs_A_PumpjackPiddlewick

6 thoughts on “You can have only 2 kitchen utensils. Which do you choose?

  1. Val says:

    I wouldn’t have thought of tongs, but that’s a good choice as it is very versatile. That said, I only use one made of wood for my “cornichons” (gherkin).
    The two utensils that I use the most in my kitchen are:
    – a wooden spoon (that we call in French “une papinette”–though only a few French, and real cooks know its true name, and it is mistakenly called “cuillère en bois”.)
    – a vegetable peeler…
    and, of course, a knife (ceramic knife, preferably), if I can squeeze it! 🙂

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    • Piddlewick says:

      I love wooden spoons (and thank you for teaching me ‘une papinette’. I had not known that. If I had gone for 3 utensils I would have chosen a spoon for my third (but shallow or deep tbc?), but I was being hard on my desert island self, hence only 2. Much trickier.


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