Discovering Lettuce Sandwiches

I have discovered Lettuce Sandwiches. No, its not a sandwich made of lettuce (though personally I haven’t tried that yet, so one never knows.) Rather it is a sandwich that uses lettuce instead of bread.

I came across this concept first when making a hamburger. Hamburger buns in France are, well, ewwww. It’s not something you go out of your way to find unless you like the taste of cardboard. And any self respecting boulangerie is not going to make le bun.  I fancied a good juicy burger and our butcher minces the cut of beef one choices for you. Perfection. We tried burgers without buns and for some reason this just doesn’t make sense. Then I hit on the idea of taking the lettuce we normally put on the burger, around the burger. And voila! And, I have to say it was delicious, fresh and because we could pick it up like a burger, it seemed like one.

This has led us into the realm of trying all sorts of other things in lettuce. Left over stir-fried chicken, prawn noodles, even some chilli. But our absolute favourite, and so simple for lunch is the classic tuna and sweetcorn. I add just a tiny amount of mayonnaise, just enough to bind it a bit and then wrap a spoonful or two in a lettuce leaf. They are so fresh and flavoursome I wouldn’t eat tuna and sweetcorn any other way now.

Oh, and of course, a great and easy gluten free alternative to the normal bread sandwich.

Point of Perspicacity – Take a Nap

Naps are amazing things. They rejuvenate, help you feel rested, and feel wonderfully decadent. What’s not to like? The trick is 20 minutes only. It doesn’t matter if you sleep, doze or simply mull through your thoughts. Close your eyes, take 20 minutes and enjoy the results.

Why only 20 minutes? Because beyond that you go into a deeper sleep, the sort you wake up groggy from. So set a gentle alarm, and if you then need another 20 minutes, take it.