For My Mother, Who first showed me the glories of the Middle Ages

There’s that old adage that you become more like your mother the older you get. Many fight this, but some of us revel in it. My mother, I have to say, is wonderful. Sure, there are some aspects I like more than others (read, those aspects are the ones I prefer to copy), but bottom line ~ I know I am lucky that she is my Mom.

And, there is some truth in ‘with age brings wisdom’. Well, one would like to think so anyway, because as I get older I appreciate more what I have, those around me and what I have learned.  It was my Mum that taught me about upcycling, recycling and instilled my desire to creatively make things, particularly from items that might normally be thrown away. My Mom is the absolute Queen of spotting the potential in something.

When I was deciding on a new design of card, it was a book my mother gave me on life in the medieval ages and a particular page that inspired me: “For My Mother, who first showed me the glories of the Middle Ages”.  (My For My Mother Card is available in Pumpjack & Piddlewick shop.)

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