101 ways for a French scarf. Well, not quite.

French style, on the whole, is classic, quite understated, fairly bland actually, tending towards beigy colours or black. And then you add the scarf.  You don’t even need make-up when your face is framed by an amazing scarf. It’s like deep red lipstick, it draws the eye. But for those not inclined to wearing bright lippie, or at least not today, go for a scarf.

When in France, one notices scarves, one wears scarves and one learns more about scarves than you would, honestly, ever want to know. If you would like to know How to tie your scarf like a French person, or know more about Why French women wear scarves follow the embedded links. This post is about the fun I am having learning origami. Okay, and about scarves.

In case you are uninitiated, we craft and search out items for our Pumpjack & Piddlewick shop, the proceeds of which go towards making our vineyard and wine making on a tight budget viable. We are always on the look out for something wine, or French, orientated, and prefer it be small and light weight for easy (and cheap) postage.  Oo la la, the scarf!

It just makes sense. A scarf is so very, very French. They fold nice and small, and weigh very little. And, there are a lot of them about here in France.

However, we wanted to do something different, something creative. (Here’s where we get to the origami.) Why offer just a scarf when we could package it up in its own unique, complimentary parcel? Et voilà! A completely unique and very French gift, already gift wrapped.

So, I have been having the time of my life the past couple weeks buying vintage and retro scarves as well as designing and trying out a whole host of folding techniques. I sometimes let the print on the card determine the design, sometimes the scarf. Some have been simple in construction, some… well, let’s just say I have learned to make a template first.

I have really enjoyed matching scarves with prints, designing the envelope and then adding ribbons and gift tags to suit, hoarded until now in my workshop. A few, with a floral theme, I am offering the option of beautifully scented home grown dried roses or lavender flowers added in.

I love that I have made each parcel original and unique. Each gift packet makes me smile.

Consquently, we now have a French Style, Scarves section in our Shop, which I am  adding to  regularly. Please browse, join me in the fun that went in to each design, and most of all I hope you find a little piece of France you might like for your own.


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