Spring Flowers Mint Sugar ‘Letter’

Mint Sugar has multiple uses ~ As someone who prefers not to have milk in my tea, I particularly this mint sugar in it instead. It’s also lovely in coffee, particularly Irish coffee.  I have also used it in smoothies, baking – it’s yummy just sprinkled on cookies, and also in savoury cooking, such as added to peas.

But if you are not confident about working with herbed sugars, we include a recipe, such as for Mint Sugar Snap Peas, as an accompanying ‘Letter’. It gives the addition of a delicious idea for the use of your sugar, as well as a recipe that can be kept and re-used. If Mint Peas doesn’t appeal to you, we also offer other appropriately measured recipes that can be selected from when ordering.

Our envelopes are handmade, and with the coming of spring I am really enjoying working with this as a theme. I make them from a quality French magazine. Each one is original and completely unique. No two of our envelopes will ever be the same. Recipes are folded and provided like a letter in the envelope and it comes with the Mint Sugar tin. Et voilà! you have your Mint Sugar parcel, which we think makes a really great and unique gift.

Our Mint Sugar, as well as Lavender Sugar and Rosemary Sugar, are available to purchase on our Etsy shop, Pumpjack & Piddlewick

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