The Old Fashioned Art of Découpage and Letter Writing

There is something wonderful in this hectic day of electronic immediate missives that lends itself to the old fashioned Art of Letter Writing. Don’t you think? I, for one, am a great fan of letter writing. It makes you stop, consider, remember, and think about someone special. After all, in this age, if you are actually putting pen to paper, they must be special.

Whilst I am thinking of things old-fashioned, I will add in the Art of Découpage. I love this medium, where you recycle, upcycle, re-use, etc. (which is so very me), old bits of paper into a collage to create an image, a feeling, a concept.

In the past I have made cards, trays, even chocolate valentine boxes using decoupage. I collected words and images from magazines, books, cards, well, anything I could get my hands on. It is an art form I find myself coming back to now.

I once had a whole library of items to use in my collages, but those were given to a friend when I began to move about with David (Pumpjack). It was a necessity, but a regretted one. But as I have been given a stash of various magazines, I find myself once again cutting out words, phrases, and a variety of images, all lending themselves to new ideas for cards and gifts.

I have started with cards, as I have card stock already readily to hand. And, since my magazine and brochure selections are very varied, not to mention wine labels that David has been soaking off for me, I am not short of concepts for cards. If anything, it was where to start! And now, the ideas are flowing, and only time ~ and a clingy duck~ are my only limitations.

Below are a variety of recent designs, but please Visit our Shop for a full and up to date selection as I will be making new items daily, particularly in the lead up to Christmas.


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