Wildcrafting ~ St John’s Wort Oil

Both Pumpjack and myself undertake wildcrafting (making things from the wild) and foraging. We found St John’s Wort growing wild in and around our garden and initially set about making it for ourselves as an oil, dabbing it on to any bruise, nick or cut we’ve received along the way, with great results.

We don’t lay claim to being physicians or herbologists, just an understanding and utilisation of what we have around us, with a dose of practicality thrown in.

If, like us, you like the idea of natural healing, and you have some St John’s Wort nearby, do give it a go.  It’s not difficult, a matter of steeping the St John’s Wort flowers (available in Spring) in some oil, olive or sunflower will do, for a number of weeks.  Ours is available on our shop if you prefer.

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