Nuts about Hazelnuts

I am nuts about nuts. I love to eat them, but even more so I love to cook with them ~ then eat them. Given the chance, I could spend on nuts what others spend at a coffee shop, easily and regularly. I can’t decide if walnuts or hazelnuts are my favourite*, so when we discovered last autumn that we have both in the garden I felt like a kid in a sweet shop with the biggest smile on my face. Read On

An Eggageration of Eggs – Trying my hand at Creme Brulee

We have 3 chickens and 3 ducks. We average about 2 eggs per day. Now that may not seem like a lot, but you try eating over a dozen eggs per week, every week. And I have to say, I am rather tired of omelettes. So, I am on the search for something new to do with our eggs.

My first new attempt has been Coffee-Caramel Creme Brulee, Read on for more deliciousness

Do Wee Wild Birds and Chickens Mix?

We’ve made it a habit to top up the duck and chicken feeders in the evening, when our feathered friends are heading home to roost. This way, they have a feed in the evening, before bed, should they wish, and it is there ready for them in the morning whilst they wait patiently (well, maybe not the ducks) for us to come and let them out. Continue reading

Making a Vertical Garden – recycling the previous year

Last year was our first year working our vegetable garden (our first time gardening ever in fact) and we tried a series of different methods; raised beds, wattling bed, pallet planters and vertical hanging wall, to see what worked well. All were made using recycled materials and are being continued into this year, with almost no changes except for a relocation of some of the pallet planters and a some amendments to the vertical garden as a result of lessons learned. Read On

Broccoli Stems – there has to be a solution

Last night I made the most amazing Broccoli Stem Pesto, so good I felt I had to actually write about it. Not because of how good it was, but that fact that it is made with Broccoli stems, not a floret in site. For those who follow me, in any manner, you are well aware that waste is something I strive to avoid.  And right up there is Broccoli Stems.  It is just one of those things that when you have cooked the rest of the broccoli, you look at and go… And?!?!? Read on

Whatever’s Wattling?

Piddlewick composting wattling bed

Piddlewick composting wattling bed

Wattling Bed in place

Wattling Bed in place

Wattling Bed almost done

Wattling Bed almost done

wattling bed









Whatever is Wattling? Wattling is an old fashioned, and rather beautiful, way of making fencing our of thin sticks and posts.

How to: With good size stakes, pound them into the ground about a foot/30cm or so apart. You then weave, preferably green, thin-ish branches back and fort through the posts, with the next layer going the opposite way. Think basket weaving.

It creates a really strong wall, but is also stunning to look at as well, allows flow of air, but still screens.

For our raised wattling bed we re-used pruned branches from trees. We also added a left over liner to keep the compost within, though not strictly necessary.