Book Cards – When saying ‘Love, X’ is just not enough

I (Piddlewick) am a consummate letter writer. That doesn’t mean I can be found always writing letters, rather that I do write a lot of them, but like anyone I have good and not writing days. Most often it depends on the weather, as I prefer to write my letters outside in the sunshine hanging about with the animals, particularly as they are so appreciative of having us be with them (see The Art of Letter Writing with Rabbits if you like animal antics).

Anyway, I digress – par usual – today was a mixed bag of this and that, accomplishing much in the end. A Rabbit Newsletter, followed by creating a Collection of Book Cards.  I invented book cards in a bid to do something more special than simply writing my letters on plain paper and sending off to friends and family. I came up with the idea of putting covers on the pages, turning them into books if you like, and even adding bookmarks for noting my place when writing (or the recipient reading) my letter.

I have used the odd postcard for a cover, as well as book pages. Nothing goes to waste in our household.  I then stitch the covers together, along with paper to make up the pages.  I often recycle different types of papers, maybe from an old journal, or notebook, and then add the book mark.

I have started including them on my Etsy shop. Each is unique, no two will ever be the same because the materials  I use are one offs, left overs and upcycled into another use. They can be bought individually, or as a collection.  Customer orders are welcome. You can specify a theme, or if you want more pages.

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