Valentine’s Day, is it about love, debauchery or wine?

I’m in Love. Oh yes, and I don’t mind telling people. The man in my life (Pumpjack to my Piddlewick) is a magical part of my life. The yin to my yang, the shoulder to lean on and the one who makes me belly laugh.

I have been very lucky (and know it) to have found my True Love in the middle age of my life, and in thinking of this and Valentine’s Day, it kind of made sense to find that Chaucer is essentially the ‘inventor’ of Valentine’s Day, as we know it today.

The Middle Ages was the time when Courtly Love flourished, and The Day was first associated with romantic love during this time. It evolved into more of the occasion it is today in England in the 18th century, when people began expressing their love through presents of flowers, sweets and cards, which became known as ‘Valentine’s’. (For full ‘history’, as it were, Wikipedia)

But why the Heart symbol?  Now here, we can blame Bacchus. And I do so want to, as given our own wine making anything that brings in the subject of wine and attributes it to love is alright with me. In actual fact, a heart symbol used to be the symbol of debauchery. It was the symbol (an ivy leaf) of the Greek deity of wine and debauchery: Dionysus. The Roman culture called him Bacchus. He was also a symbol of harvest and fertility. You see, it all fits so nicely together in concept. Well, sort of.

We have used this sort of concept ~ our excuse anyway ~ to develop our Valentine Cards. (Well, actually they are cards for any Love occasion really, but Valentine’s Day is one of the best excuses for giving them, hint, hint.)  We’ve designed heart shaped cork cards, using corks tinted red by wine, in accompaniment with an auspicious phrase, such as: Like Vintage Wine, We Get Better with Time.

Each card includes a ‘heart shaped’ recipe, e.g. a recipe that when made will be heart shaped, for example; Heart Shaped Chocolate Brownies, or Heart Shaped Roast Potatoes, or even Heart Shaped Pop Tarts! Honestly, something for everyone’s taste buds. (Or, if you are not cooking inclined, you can choose to have no recipe included.)

And like love, each card is unique and different, with no two alike.

To see our complete collection of Heart Shaped Cork Cards, visit our Pumpjack and Piddlewick Shop Valentines Section. And in the meantime, here’s a taster…

(Oh, and if you are someone with lots of Loves, we can offer a savings on a collection of 5 cards. What’s not to love?)

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