Bird Antics – hand drawn on to Cards

We live in the country, surrounded by a stunning array of trees and flowers. In consequence we also have a stunning array of birds that flit, swoop and occasionally wallop their way about the garden. From tiny little blue tits to a tawny owl, they all have shown themselves off to us with their various antics.

Because we have such a wonderful variety, and I am by no means an ornithologist, a friend who I count as one (she can even tell what the bird is by just the sound it makes!) took the time and effort to post a bird sighting book to me, one with those fabulous drawings that helps you identify what you see.

In watching the birds, and with the aid of my reference book, I have started trying to capture their personalities on paper and now slowly on to cards. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did researching them and drawing them.

Our Bird Cards are available to purchase on our online shop.

Each of our cards is hand-drawn and unique. They are not printed. Requests for custom cards ~ your favourite bird or type of card such as Birthday, Anniversary, etc. ~ are readily accepted.

And watch this space as we are inspired to add more Bird Cards.

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